Trending or Trend-Setting?

Trending or Trend-Setting?

By: Kristin Haye

Five years ago, social media was barely an acronym.  Today it’s widely considered the most valuable digital real estate available.  Whether its day-to-day updates from our favorite artists, promotion, advertising, blogging or product distribution, there is no way to avoid the tidal wave of daily social media solicitation.   Of course, we asked for it, and the market continues to chase the latest trends.  So the question becomes, who is trending, and who is setting the trends?  This month, Twitter {TWTR} began trading on the New York Exchange, but ironically, it barely made the news.  Even though Twitter reaches nearly 250M people a day, the trend wasn’t it’s own public offering, but rather Bondsy and Spotify might soon collaborate on something even cooler than their individual services.  #bondify ?

The one thing predictable about social media is that you cannot predict it!  Sure, there are always going to be concepts, which are undeniable from inception, but even Facebook took more than 5 years to really grab ahold of the market.  But the question still remains are you trending or trend-setting?  Artists like to think of themselves as individual trendsetters, but when you really break things down, how often do we find the content is merely a re-creation of something already overdone?  This is not to say all artists are plagiarists, but sometimes we get caught up in the process, and generally lose sight of what makes us individuals.  During a tour stop this year, I overheard another musician mention she was “trending” that day.   So, if you’re trending one day, what happens tomorrow?  and how do you stay in front of people without becoming creatively and morally bankrupt?

When will someone create an app or social forum where people can actually set new trends and inspire others?  What if there was a place where people didn’t follow old concepts, but worked together inventing ways for people to contribute on a much broader scale?  What if there was a social media outlet for “open source” creativity?  We might call it “Idea Garden”, where people are always welcome to share in the cultivation of new and dynamic social trends!  What do you suppose that would look like?  #raisedonhashtagsandlikes

November 10, 2013