The Summer Anthems

The Summer Anthems

By: Laura Duval

About this time every year, the summer anthems begin pouring over the airwaves, and every year we roll down the windows and crank the volume!   In 2012 it was Gold on the Ceiling, Red Solo Cups and promises to Call Me, Maybe.  This summer, the themes are similar, but the tunes are even more diverse.  In 2013 it’s about having fun, and soaking up the sights and sounds of summer.   So don’t be surprised to have your FM dial filled up with the likes of One Direction,, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line.

For the artist, it can be about crossing over, and appealing to a broad, sometimes all new audience.  For example, in spring 2013, Florida Georgia Line {FGL} released their double platinum single ‘Cruise’, and by early summer it was climbing the pop charts with a new rendition, mashed up with R&B singer Nelly.  It’s just another example of the increasingly blurred lines in music, combined with user-created content, artists are inventing new concepts and producing exciting, original music.

There’s a saying in the business, about “…being first, being the best or being different” and for summer 2013, the winners will be those who stand out, and really differentiate themselves, no matter what style they choose.  In 1978, “Summer Nights” was released in support of the movie Grease, and went on to hold the number 1 position for 16 weeks!   Perhaps one of this summer’s planned blockbusters will debut a chart-topper, or perhaps…it will come from an unlikely place.  Regardless, we always look forward to the songs that take our minds off the daily grind or the endless heat, and when it comes to summer anthems, I say the louder the better!!

June 12, 2013