Meet the crew behind the music…

Louis Police | President & CEO

louwebsitepicAs President and CEO, Louis directs the commercial evolution and strategic course of KPI Music. The intellectual property under Louis leadership includes; original music, digital media and trademark concepts. Prior to starting KPI, Police was an early member of a little-known silicon valley start-up, which ultimately merged with the largest software security firm in the country. Following his departure from the technology sector, Louis realized a life-long goal of creating a music publishing company, and working with unique and motivated artist and musicians. During the first 24 months of operation, KPI signed 6 publishing & management contracts, was honored with memberships in organizations like CMA, ACM and SESAC, and was invited to co-produce a charity album for the national Child Rescue Project. In his spare time, Mr. Police enjoys flying private aircraft, volunteering within the community, and spending time with his wife and their two girls.


Bo Allen | A&R Director

bo_allenWhen it comes to advancing a project, or drawing the best and brightest talent, no one does it better than Bo! With a passion for meaningful lyrics and an ear for clean sounds, Allen started playing at age 15, and prior to joining KPI, Bo was a touring musician and front-man for his band Scarecrow. Following a brief hiatus from the road, Bo joined famed Nashville publishers Major Bob, and had the opportunity to work alongside some of Nashville’s up and coming power players. In addition to writing and producing music, Bo plays an active role in the development of all KPI projects, including his work with new writers, artist and collaborators. Bo’s reputation in the business is almost as strong as his playing, and you’ll have to trust us…. that’s saying something!!


Cyn-D Brock | General Manager

cyndbrockBeing a leader is like being a lady, if you have to go around telling people you are one, you aren’t… The strength of any office is in the management, and when it comes to strength and tenacity, we have the best in the business! Originally from San Jose, CA, Cyn-D worked among the brightest minds in Silicon Valley, and there she sharpened her business management skills. With a master’s degree in finance, and a heart for music, Cyn-D has become the backbone of our budding publishing company. Don’t let the smile fool you, this girl is all business, and we could not be more thrilled to have her on the team!


Sonia Morgan | Brand Manager

sonia_morganSonia’s career began directly after graduating from Belmont University where she studied the wonderfully intricate world of music licensing and publishing. Demonstrating her passion for independent music and deep industry knowledge, Sonia quickly worked her way up from intern at a major label to junior publicist. Now as the Brand Manager for KPI, Sonia will work to ensure our artist community receives maximum exposure from the placements our writers enjoy from TV, Film and other Sync opportunities. When it comes to tenacity, Sonia is a benchmark, and her passion for the music is second to none. We are thrilled to have Sonia on the team, and look forward to some exciting new developments in the coming months.


Alex Pena | Marketing Manager

alexpenaWhen he sets his sights on something, there’s no stopping him. Alex is the youthful energy that keeps everyone on point, and his passion for music drives an insatiable appetite for perfection. Alex is from Denver, Co, and after completing his undergraduate studies at Ohio State, he decided the southern lifestyle suited him. Alex began to pursue work in music by joining a major industry management firm, and eventually spending a little time on tour, before settling in Lexington, KY with his wife and their 2 wonderful children.