About Us

KPI Music Group is a unique and innovative publishing company, focused on developing long-term relationships between artists & songwriters.

Founded by musicians, KPI Music Group is reaching out to multiple genres and bridging traditional creative demographics.  Music is universal, and KPI Music understands the purity behind what moves people and drives excellence.  Our collaborative approach will not only promote exceptional work, but more importantly, it will ensure we deliver award winning music to fans around the world.

KPI Music Group is an independent publishing company, established to promote unique and diverse works by various writers and co-collaborators.  Our company is based in Lexington, KY with offices in Nashville, TN and Los Angeles, CA.  Our writers and creative partners are located throughout North America, and include Bo Allen, Buffy Lawson, Kwan Wilson, South Porter, Brooklyn James, Nick Walker and Gee-Ness.

KPI Music Group has an open A&R policy, providing unique opportunities for writers to submit their work and finally be heard.   KPI Music Group is a proud member of  SESAC, ASCAP, BMI, NSAI, CMA, ACM and NSAI.  KPI Music was created to promote music and the artistic expression of those who create lyrics and melodies.  Through our own company and network of licensees, we are able to serve our artists, consumers and partners globally.

KPI Music Group provides a host of commercial services and seamless access to an expanding range of revenue streams and business models, including digital and physical distribution, sales, press and promotion, marketing, licensing, synch, brand partnerships, live recordings and merchandising. Our goal is simple, to be an ethical and diligent steward of our writers work, while also offering valuable and unique content to various industries partners, labels, producers, ad agencies, and film and television companies.

We really do bring artist together – creatively!

Louis Police   – Founder & CEO