Abigail Grace
Lexington, KY


Remember when you were 17? Most of us don't!, but one thing's for sure, we weren't doing what this artist is poised to accomplish. Abigail Henderson {aka Abigail Grace} is among the most talented young artist we've seen in a long time!

Her confidence and energy, is only superseded by her effortless guitar riffs, amazing vocal range and undeniable writing ability. That said, Abigail isn't resigned to sit around and wait for things to come to her. With a new EP due late 2013, Abigail has assembled a remarkable team to help bring her music to the masses. "…when I heard her music, it was immediately evident she had the right balance of tone, lyrics and style" said Bo Allen {KPI A&R Director}. So what drives a 17 year old to pursue such an grueling career so early? If you ask her, she'll tell you it's easy, and that's how she makes it look!

The truth is, Abigail is driven to make an impact on the world, and she'll go to the ends of the earth to see people's live changed. In fact, during her last trip to Nepal, Abigail was introduced to the pandemic of slavery and human trafficking, and now she's on a mission to #ENDIT. Remember… she's 17 !!

"Abigail represents a new chapter in KPI Music, and there's no question she will inspire people with her music and undoubtedly change lives in the process."

~ Louis Police {KPI President}

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